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Express yourself while you strengthen your core, define your waistline, improve posture, and tone muscles. Nadia has been teaching and making costumes for 45 years. Dancing with beautiful veils will enhance your self-expression and confidence.  

 Attire:   Comfortable clothing for movement, ballet slippers, dance shoes or socks. Hip sashes & veils are available for use in class.  


Our Instructors

Nadia shares many years of performance and teaching

Belly dance and Drum Studio offers a variety of classes to enhance your body and spirit. We are located in San Mateo, California serving the San Francisco Bay Area.   Students of all levels are welcome and encouraged to progress at their own pace   Nadia teaches these classes with patience and brings women together in a fun and friendly atmosphere.

Belly Dance and Drum Studio is located as an addition to Nadia’s home. Call for information : 650-343-8626

 You will be transformed when you enter Nadia’s Home studio.   In her classes Nadia helps you bring out your emotions and put them in motion. Students are encouraged to express themselves through Belly Dance movement creating their own style, with guidance from Nadia.   Dancing with a veil is included. Learning to play finger cymbals is optional.

Belly Dance movement is exercise in disguise! There is nothing more powerful than a woman with a veil.

Mike Fair-Drum Classes – Middle Eastern (Doumbec)

Drummer Mike Fair teaches Middle Eastern drumming for Doumbec, frame drum, riq, tamborine.

 2nd & 4th Monday from 7:00 to 8:00 p.m.

 Mike Fair aka “Faraz”

Musical Director, Musician: various percussion

Faraz is an Old World percussionist specializing in the rhythms of Northern Africa, Western Africa and the Middle East. Faraz has been playing old world rhythms since 1996. He played with the local groups; Kekuja, Aladdin Lads and Lasses and Troupe Namaste. The Meridian Band is his present musical project. He is also working wih upright Bass for fun. When not playing drums Faraz is repairing and building or fixing some parts of a house. A handy carpenter and fixIt man, Faraz is always busy with his hands.


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